Update Custom Attributes for VMhosts in vCenter

Yet another role added to my Job description, Now I am managing our Virtual Servers. So true to form I’ve dived headfirst into powershell / powercli to see what I can do. Some of the posts coming up on this will likely be similar to others around the web as I reinvent the wheel while I learn. But you never know one of you might find me 1st or I might do it in a way that suits you better.

First up is a simple script to read data from an xml file and then update custom attributes on the vmhosts.

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OSD – Customising deployment depending on location

It’s been a while since I posted anything, but I’ve been really busy at home and in work.

Although I have beening using OSD for a while it hasn’t been completely automated, things like timezone, keyboard locale etc still need to be changed by an administrator after a rebuild. Now we have sites in America, UK, Europe and Japan, so I need to account for them in my task sequence. I will admit here that I had a bit of trouble with getting the script to work so I did get some help from MS (they added 2 lines of code to the script and 1 task sequence event).

There are 2 parts to this, 1st is the vbscript to detect and set the location and then some task sequence events to act on the variables we set.

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Rehome FCS

When I was building our SCCM environment I decided it would be a good time to clean up WSUS & FCS and bring them under the new system.

The problem I ran into was “How do I repoint FCS?” without having to uninstall and reinstall it on every machine.

The solution, a bit of VB script based on the information here: http://blogs.technet.com/fcsnerds/archive/2008/11/12/changing-the-management-group-to-which-an-fcs-client-reports.aspx

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Normalise video file names

Updated: 2013-03-04 – Fixed bug that prevented names containing 720p/1080p from being parsed properly.

This is a perl script to normalize video file names for TV series, it will run under windows or linux.

Note: I have tested this and do use it however I may have missed something or there may be a bug I have not encountered, I would advise backing up the files to be renamed before running the script and then verify that it has worked as expected. If so delete the backups if not please leave a comment detailing what has happened and I’ll try to fix it asap.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible if this causes WWIII or nukes your computer, use at your own risk.

Supported naming schemes


  • Single
  • Double.1
  • Double 2
  • Double-3
  • Double_4