It’s official, I’m a CCNA

As per the title.

I booked my exam on the 15th of July and passed my exam on the 20th of August. Took me about 6 weeks of studying for on average 4-5hours a night.

My Final CCNA home Lab consists of:

  • 2×1720 – Useless, don’t support vlan trunking
  • 1×1721 – good buy but not rackable
  • 1×2611 – XM would be better as it is 2xFE, but still useful if you are not using vlan trunking
  • 1×2620 – Great buy esp if you can get a nm-2fe for it
  • 2×1760 – Best Buy, very cheap supports 2 WIC and 2 VIC
  • 1×2514 – Not back for a basic frame relay switch to get started
  • 1×4000 (with 4 port serial module) – Frame Relay  (very cheap, so excellent value)
  • 1×2950 – Only supports 801q encapsulation, but very good switch if a tad expensive
  • 2x2900xl – ok switches good value for money but support only the outdated ‘vlan database’

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