Site Problems

Sorry to all those that have tried to contact me via the contact form, for some reason hotmail has been blocking emails from anyone not in my address book for what seems to be some time. I have no idea why or when they started this. I have changed the destination address for the contact form to another of my email accounts, so hopefully this has solved the problem. If you tried to contact me in the past and I have not replied it is most likely due to this. Please try again and I will respond, if you do not get a reponse please add a comment to this post so I know you have tried to contact me.



Site revamp

With the change of the year I have decided to give the site a complete make over.

As I get time I’ll repopulate the old data.

I haven’t decided if I’ll bring the wiki back or not yet, if there is demand I will bring it back but if not I think I’ll just keep the site as simple as possible. Also due to the revamp my email address for this site is out of action for a while (I was getting a lot of spam in it anyhow), until I get a chance to fix it so post here and I’ll get back to you.

Please be patient as I have just moved house and have no internet, so I am having to do the site updates on my lunch hour.
Sorry to those that took the time to register, you’ll need to re-register as I am taking this chance to clear out the hundreds of spam accounts. Read More