SCCM Serial Numbers and Asset Tags

This is just a quick one, if you have dell machines (not sure if other manufacturers do it) but one of the BIOS options is ASSET TAG. Now this does not, as you would expect, appear in Win32_BIOS, instead it appears under Win32_SystemEnclosure.

So with that here is a simple report query to get a list of all systems, their serial numbers  and asset tags.

netbios_name0 AS Hostname,
vgspcb.SerialNumber0 AS [Serial Number],
SMBIOSAssetTag0 AS [Asset Tag]
v_R_System vrsys
  ON vrsys.ResourceID = vgssyse.ResourceID
  ON vrsys.ResourceID = vgspcb.ResourceID
ORDER BY netbios_name0

2 thoughts to “SCCM Serial Numbers and Asset Tags”

  1. I’ve not touched SCCM in >6 years, but the asset tag should be retrievable from WMI. As to writing it I dont think you can via wmi, though if there is a tool that can set it you could use a package to write it via powershell / the tool. Perhaps someone else that reads this blog has done this before. Sorry I cant be of more help

  2. I have Lenovo machines across my park of equipment. I have Thinkpads and Thinkcentres.

    I want to write my Asset Tag in the bios and retrieve same through SCCM reporting.

    Is there a way to do that?

    Thanks to let me know asap


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