Fixing the Virgin Media Superhub 3

Thanks to Virgin Media Community for pointing me in the correct direction:

Summary of steps:
* Open Chrome
* Open Developer Console
* Select cog and enable “Log XMLHttpRequests”
* Open Router URL
* login
* Get your n number: _n=XXXXXX from then end one of the requests

Set Router IP: (;4;&_n=XXXX

Set DHCP Start (;4;&_n=XXXX

Set DHCP End (;4;&_n=XXXX


The above is pretty much what is in the article linked.

New stuff below.

I had a setup before I moved to VM, which had a wifi password that didn’t meet their requirements and I wanted to reuse it

Set Password (5Ghz):;4;&_n=XXXX;2;&_n=XXXX

Restart 5Ghz (I think):;&_n=XXXX;2;&_n=XXXX

Set Password (2.4Ghz):;4;&_n=XXXX;&_n=XXXX

Restart 2.4Ghz (I think);2;&_n=XXXX

Some of those may be unneeded but i didn’t test too thoroughly and that was what appeared in the console once i clicked apply.

I’m trying to workout if i can script this via curl/python and will post a new article once i have it figured out.

6 thoughts to “Fixing the Virgin Media Superhub 3”

  1. iirc use chrome press F12 and record the network traffic as you perform an action and you will see the n number in the log.

  2. Hi Ryan,
    How do you find out the Hub n number to change the IP address range?



  3. Are you aware of any way to add a static route using snmpSet
    The UI for the Hub3 doesn’t seem to have the option to control/update the routing table?

    thanks in advance

  4. That’s very interesting and could be useful – what denotes the 5Ghz network? Do you know how I could change the guest wifi password in the same way?

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