Site revamp

With the change of the year I have decided to give the site a complete make over.

As I get time I’ll repopulate the old data.

I haven’t decided if I’ll bring the wiki back or not yet, if there is demand I will bring it back but if not I think I’ll just keep the site as simple as possible. Also due to the revamp my email address for this site is out of action for a while (I was getting a lot of spam in it anyhow), until I get a chance to fix it so post here and I’ll get back to you.

Please be patient as I have just moved house and have no internet, so I am having to do the site updates on my lunch hour.
Sorry to those that took the time to register, you’ll need to re-register as I am taking this chance to clear out the hundreds of spam accounts.
Comming soon:

1) I have just setup an infiniband cluster in work so there will be a how to on that appearing at some point.

2) Over the next month I am doing a global deployment of MS SCCM 2007 so there will likely be a few posts and if you are really lucky a few diagrams of that setup. I am quite excited about this one I have to admit.

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