Cisco Wireless AP – VLANs and Multiple SSIDs Part 2


UPDATED 2010-11-23: There were a couple of typos in the code & a few lines in the wrong order. Thanks to Vic for letting me know about them.

Hopefully after reading Part 1 you have a general idea of what is going on. In this part we will do the configuation needed on CS1 and start to configure wlan1. I strongly recommend connecting via the console for this but it should be possible (if you are careful in which order you enter the commands that you could do this over ssh/telnet). During this period wlan1 will be unavailable to the users but wlan2 will be running fine so they shouldn’t notice any down time.

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Cisco Wireless AP – VLANs and Multiple SSIDs Part 1


The purpose of this document is to explain how to setup and Cisco Aironet 1130ag with two SSIDs one for internal users which will authenticate via a radius server and the other for visitors that will use a wpa pass-phrase and will restrict users to Internet access only. This has (hopefully) been written in such a way that even someone with virtually no knowledge of Cisco should be able to read it and deploy a system successfully.

I should add at this point that I am not a Cisco guru in any way shape or form (though I am intending to get a CCNA & CCNP). So (I got my CCNA on the 20th August 2010) If you are and are reading this and happen to notice any bits that could be done better or are just plain wrong please leave a comment.

This is all based on some work that I have done recently, so I’ll give an example infrastructure and match the config to that example.

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VBS: Get old computer accounts from AD

UPDATED 2011-02-10: Added support for 33000+ records. Thanks to Mike for finding the limitation and testing the solution. (Note for 33000 records script takes about 1.5hrs to run)

The VBScript loops through the AD and lists all of the computer accounts in a csv file.

The Excel Code does the same except places the data in a formated table in excel, note it is only tested with excel 2007.

The following properties are returned:

  • Hostname,
  • Password Last Set,
  • Day Count (since password was last set),
  • Recent (was this done within the days specified in the script),
  • Disabled?,
  • Top Level OU,
  • OU,
  • Distinguished Name

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SCCM Get Dell warranty info v2

2011-07-11: This method is now deprecated please go here:

LAST UPDATED: 2010-09-22

UPDATE 2010-09-14: Dell have changed the layout to add an extra field in the contracts section so the scripts are broken

UPDATE 2010-07-09: I’ve noticed this page is getting a lot of hits, I haven’t had a chance to get this working yet so if anyone does please post a comment or drop me a mail using the contact page. I’ll try and get some time next week to look at it again.

These scripts are a work in progress and you should check back regularly for updates until I mark them as final.

This is an updated version of the “SCCM Get Dell warranty info

Basically the problem with the other script is that a user with admin privs must run it or the computer account must have access to the internet.

I have split the script in 2 and rejigged it slightly so that now 1 (user) script is run “When user is logged on with the users privliges” and the other (system) script is run 2nd “When user is logged on with administrative privliges”. You can use the “Run another program 1st” option in the program definition which should make it practically act like a single script.

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Infiniband cluster Part 1

Overview and installing the operating system


To facilitate testing of our software and so that support can model possible customer environments I was tasked with setting up a cluster with infiniband. I was excited as the system was a Dell PowerEdge blade cluster (our 1st blade system) and we have never used or deployed infiniband (this would be our 1st infiniband system), in fact other than a basic “we have heard of this and know (very) roughly what it is” no-one in the group had any real knowledge of it. After a few hours of searching the deepest recesses of the Internet I had a limited understanding of how to setup the system. I know how irritating it is to have to read the crud in order to find that wee gem of info so from here on I’ll mark the paragraphs of the article so those of you wanting to “just get it done” can skip them.

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SCCM Get Dell warranty info

2011-07-11: This method is now deprecated please go here:

LAST UPDATED: 2010-09-22

UPDATE 2010-09014: Dell have changed the layout to add an extra field in the contracts section so the scripts are broken

Version 2: work around for computer account that can’t access the internet

I found a script and mof edit here: Sherry Kissinger’s Blog at

However when I tried it, it was completely broken all the data being returned in the wrong place. So I have rewritten it so that it is more modular and hopefully easier to maintain.

Now a bit of a disclaimer, my vbs skills are very rusty so the script works though it probably isn’t very efficient. So if you can suggest improvements please do and I’ll update the script as needed.

Although the code is long most of it is comments and “wscript.echo” statements for debugging, feel free to strip them out if you want something more compact.

I have also added the ability to dump the results to a csv file that you can collect with SCCM if you don’t want to capture from WMI.

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