Compile Raspberry Pi Kernel

update: 2015-02-10: Removed folder sync as was causing builds to fail

Decided to play about with the Raspberry Pi Kernel but setting up the toolchain for a cross compile was a bit of pain not to mention remembering to download everything.
So I put together a Vagrantfile that should auto do it.

Following Variables can be edited at the top of the Vagrantfile:

VMCPUS=4 – Number of CPUs for the VM (Compiler will use VMCPUS+1)
HTTPDEB=”” – Where to get some of the additional Libs from
BUILDROOT=”/rpibuild” – Root dir for the tool chain & sources
$ARCH=”i386″ – Create a 32bit or 64bit VM

Use script in $BUILDROOT/scripts to compile


  • [download id=”57″]

5 thoughts to “Compile Raspberry Pi Kernel”

  1. Yes, I can ping the host, the pfSense VM (in VirtualBox, on another host) that it connects through, and Internet sites. I can SSH to the host, and access the Internet.

    I’ve configured static IPs in the VMs, and I’ve enabled forwarding in the host. I’ve added routes in VMs via the host, or instead via the pfSense VM. But neither suffices.

    Pinging from one VM to another reports redirection via whichever gateway I’ve specified, but there’s 100% loss.

    I’m now using the latest Raspian image.

  2. Thanks. I have managed Raspbmc Kodi as QEMU VMs. But even with bridged networking, routing among VMs isn’t working for me yet. My interests involve Pi-Pi networking and LUKS, and I’d prefer to practice in VMs.

  3. This is very cool. It was my first experience with Vagrant (after the default test) and it worked perfectly the first time.

    Now I’m wondering how to create VirtualBox VMs based on the kernel. I can imagine that Vagrant would be a great approach.

    Thank you.

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