MSBuild and 7Zip SFX

The following allows you to package up your build output into a SFX file with custom properties that appear when someone right clicks the SFX and chooses properties.

Useful if you need to create a zip that can be signed but want your company/product information to appear on the SFX.EXE.

        FILEVERSION 4,65,0,0
        PRODUCTVERSION 4,65,0,0
        FILEOS 0x40004
        FILETYPE 0x1
        BLOCK "StringFileInfo"
        BLOCK "040904B0"
        VALUE "CompanyName", "Example Company"
        VALUE "FileDescription", "Example Update"
        VALUE "FileVersion", "1.0"
        VALUE "InternalName", "Example.exe"
        VALUE "LegalCopyright", "Copyright (c) 2013 Example Company"
        VALUE "OriginalFilename", "Example.exe"
        VALUE "ProductName", "Example Update"
        VALUE "ProductVersion", "$(ExampleVersion)"

        BLOCK "VarFileInfo"
        VALUE "Translation", 0x0409 0x04B0
      $(examplesol_Root)\Example\Product Configuration 1\Release\DiskImages\DISK1





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