SCCM CDP to WMI version out

Sorry for the lack of progress until recently but I’ve recently had a lot of more important priorities in life so working on this had to go on hold for a little while. I am hoping in the next few months to release version 1.0 but as on now this is still experimental so should only be used in a lab environment.

Please use the ticketing system on sourceforge to report any issues and add feature requests.

You can get it here:


See here: (work in progress) 2012-01-06
– Added Power Available to debug output
– Added Capabilities, Duplex, IP address, Management IP, Native VLAN and Protocol Hello to debug output
– Cleaned up code for NIC query, added “NetConnectionID” to the debug output
– Search for specific NIC or for multiple NICs (using “LIKE” so names must have common string)
– Added more CDP Types
– Started to refactor code to handle other languages.
– Added ability to read .pcap files to DEBUG builds using -f “
– Changed MAC addresses to use Class clsMAC instead of being u_char* displayed via printf in hex
– Added -c to allow the NIC to use to be specified at the commandline
– Multiple IPs now handled correctly
– Added Cluster Master IP to debug output

5 thoughts to “SCCM CDP to WMI version out”

  1. Ken,

    Sorry you couldn’t create a sourceforge ticket I’ll look into that.
    It’s been a while since I’ve looked at this, however if i recall correctly the IP of the switch is captured as one of the original goals was to let the administrator decide what was reported. So shouldn’t be difficult to add to the output with an additional switch (excuse the pun).
    Is the cisco switch definitely broadcasting the CDP packets? (a good way to check is install Wireshark on the client PC and watch the traffic.)


  2. This EXE is really cool!! I can’t add a ticket on the SourceForge site, so I am going to make a request here. Can the IP address of the Switch be added to WMI? Also is there a command switch so it creates the instances for a switch and Cisco phone? I ran this on a PC that is connected to cisco phone and then to Cisco switch, it only created Index=0 which contained the info for the phone. I didn’t get an Index=1 like in the screen shot. Thanks!

  3. Ryan,
    We needed a good way to collect this data across all servers and consolidate into SCCM. Using NMCap, Wireshark, or WinDump can all do that on an individual basis but didn’t really have a good way to capture the data for easy consumption.

  4. Tim,

    I haven’t tested the tool on Win8* / 2012.
    I’m actually in the USA until the end of next week on business and don’t have access to any of my dev tools. But I can take a look at those OSes the week after and see what I can do.

    Out of curiosity what is the problem you are trying to solve? If you’d rather not discuss via comments please use the contact form.



  5. Great tool which could solve a problem I am having, however I can’t get it to work on Win8/8.1 or 2012. It runs but nothing ever shows up in WMI. Works fine on the 2003 and 2008 systems I tested on. Is it supposed to work on 8/2012?

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