TFS Warehouse Cube Status via SOAP and Powershell

Well I’ve just been put in charge of managing our TFS infrastructure so here is the first of hopefully many posts around automating and managing TFS.

The attached script runs a SOAP query against the TFS Warehouse Cube and returns the jobs and their status and then either generates an HTML file or sends an HTML email with the results.

I recommend creating a directory called Scripts on the C:\ drive and setting the permissions so that only the System Administrator & User the script runs as can access the contents of the directory.


  • Script must be run as a user with Warehouse administrator privileges ( Yes I know it’s crazy but that’s minimal level that can execute the (read-only) query)


  • [download id=”52″]

2 thoughts to “TFS Warehouse Cube Status via SOAP and Powershell”

  1. If you run it from the powershell IDE what is returned?

    I’ve changed job so no longer look after TFS. However I’ll do my best to help you troubleshoot this.


  2. Well done and thank you sir!
    I just completed our upgrade to TFS 2013 and find that the canned warehouse status report no longer works.

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