Good News and Bad!

Bad news is that as of the 2011-12-31 I finished working for my Employer in order to move back to my home country, so I no longer have direct access to (and responsibility for) VMWare (and all the other really cool stuff we had, infini-band, HPC etc.) To top it off I was told before I left they intended to implement vblock (I suspect they just wanted to make me jealous ;) )

Good news is that from the 2012-01-09 I am starting my new job which will be mainly SCCM to start but moving into Citrix as well. So you will likely see no more VMWare posts, however I intend to make it up to you all by posting lots more

about SCCM and eventually Citrix. Also to keep my CCNA I will need to sit an exam before 08-2013 and due to the limited access I have to cisco switches (my cisco rack is in storage) I’ll be sitting the CCNP Route or TShoot instead of the originally planed Switch as I can use GNS3 for the labs.

CDPtoWMI development will be slow but steady and I even have a set of video tutorials around SCCM that, once I figure out the best transcoding software, I will be uploading over the next few weeks.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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