SCCM CDP to WMI version out

After a mass of updates to the code a new version is out, this is still experimental so should only be used in a lab environment.

The MOF file “should” work but please see the article here about it as I haven’t tested it yet due to my test environment being broken (If anyone can test and let me know I would be grateful). Once I have tested it I can then start adding reports.


See here: (work in progress)


  • 2011-11-01
    • Commandline arguments now work
    • Added guiconsole for debug mode
    • Prevented popup console appearing when application is run
    • Added file and versioning info to the exe.
    • General fixes to broken code and cleanup.



5 thoughts to “SCCM CDP to WMI version out”

  1. Travis,
    I got the message and replied. Thanks for noting that I forgot to commit utility.h, I’ve committed it now.


  2. I sent you something via the contact link I’m not sure if you saw it yet but I did want to mention that I redownloaded all the source files this morning (because I messed up the origional sources lol), but when I went to run a debug build it said that it couldn’t find utility.h. i worrked around it by commenting out that header and adding

    std::wstring ctow(const char* src){
    std::vector dest(CHAR_MAX);
    int i = mbstowcs(&dest[0], src, strlen(src));
    return std::wstring(&dest[0]);

    so I think that was in the utility.h? maybe you forgot to include it or maybe i’m using a different verion of visual C++

  3. Travis,

    Since you added the request and it was a trivial change to do it. I’ve added the code in place for the displaying of the Native VLAN in the debug output.



  4. Hi Travis,

    Thanks for your interest it’s commented out as I haven’t got to it yet, I’ve created placeholders for the bits todo.

    I am ccurrently working on getting more of the basics working (allowing admins to specify the interface etc).

    Once that is done, I’ll continue “unlocking” the fields in the CDP packets for debug output only initially once they are all unlocked I’ll create a WMI Masterclass with all the fields listed. Allowing admins to specify what to collect at the EXE level and what to report on at the MOF level. The reason for this is that once the info is in WMI it is publically available and admins may not want users to see “everything”, just harmless data such as switchport and switch name.

    Side Note: if you have skills with C++ feel free to submit patches. :)



  5. I love this, it was exactly what I was looking for. Now I want to be greedy :) I noticed that you commented out the NativeVLAN and I was wondering if you figured out a way to display that info. I know it’s avalible because i can get it in wireshark but i’m not sure how it’s formatted.

    i tried it with as a string, decimal, float, character. the best i get is useless numbers or a smily face lol.

    it must be stored differently then the rest of the data.

    again awesome script. i’m excited to use it with or without the nativevlan working

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