VMWare Reporting Powerpack for PowerGUI updated.

Managed to get a few more tweaks / scripts into the pack today. You can grab the powerpack from here:


– Tweaked: VM Inventory Query – reduced time to audit from ~150sec for 200 VMs to ~35sec.
– Fixed: Incorrect naming for networks that belong to a dvPort
– New Script: Connect/Disconnect Selected NICs, will invert the current connection state.
– Fixed: Potential Non-reporting of extra cdroms on VMs that had multiple cdroms assigned.
– New VM Query: NIC details for powered on VMs
– New VM Query: VMs that are powered on with NICs that are not connected.
– New Script: Disconnect Media – I found that the vSphere client would error out trying to edit the settings of a vm that had a cdrom pointing at a datastore that was no longer valid, this script will remove the media from that cdrom. This will also work for templates by selecting a random resource pool on the host/cluster the template is assigned to and then coverting the template into a VM, disconnecting the media and then converting back to a VM.
– New VM Query: VMs with CDROM Connected – Lists all VMs that have a CDROM Connected
– New VM Query: VMs with broken CDROM Datastores – Lists all VMs that have a CDROM which is pointing to a non-existent datastore
– Fixed “VM Inventory” to work with multiple simultaneously connected vCenters
– Removed “vSphere 5 compliance checker” as it was obsolete with the revamp of the licensing and the offical tool
– All Scripts (except statistics) sped up by at least a factor of 3,in some cases a factor of 20
– A few more reports added.

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