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Sorry for the lack of progress until recently but I’ve recently had a lot of more important priorities in life so working on this had to go on hold for a little while. I am hoping in the next few months to release version 1.0 but as on now this is still experimental so should only be used in a lab environment.

Please use the ticketing system on sourceforge to report any issues and add feature requests.

You can get it here:


See here: (work in progress) 2012-01-06
– Added Power Available to debug output
– Added Capabilities, Duplex, IP address, Management IP, Native VLAN and Protocol Hello to debug output
– Cleaned up code for NIC query, added “NetConnectionID” to the debug output
– Search for specific NIC or for multiple NICs (using “LIKE” so names must have common string)
– Added more CDP Types
– Started to refactor code to handle other languages.
– Added ability to read .pcap files to DEBUG builds using -f “
– Changed MAC addresses to use Class clsMAC instead of being u_char* displayed via printf in hex
– Added -c to allow the NIC to use to be specified at the commandline
– Multiple IPs now handled correctly
– Added Cluster Master IP to debug output

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  • Tim K

    We needed a good way to collect this data across all servers and consolidate into SCCM. Using NMCap, Wireshark, or WinDump can all do that on an individual basis but didn’t really have a good way to capture the data for easy consumption.

  • Ryan


    I haven’t tested the tool on Win8* / 2012.
    I’m actually in the USA until the end of next week on business and don’t have access to any of my dev tools. But I can take a look at those OSes the week after and see what I can do.

    Out of curiosity what is the problem you are trying to solve? If you’d rather not discuss via comments please use the contact form.



  • Tim K

    Great tool which could solve a problem I am having, however I can’t get it to work on Win8/8.1 or 2012. It runs but nothing ever shows up in WMI. Works fine on the 2003 and 2008 systems I tested on. Is it supposed to work on 8/2012?

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